Monday, 9 December 2013


 Alexander & James Mixologist-at-Home Event

I was recently invited to prepare some canapes for an event hosted by Alexander & James.

Alexander & James is a luxury online shopping platform for drinks connoisseurs and gift buyers. Their vision is to provide the perfect blend of high-end spirits shopping, expert advice,
tantalising editorial content and exclusive products. They have loads gift ideas of the upcoming festive season - check out their gifts here:

My task was to create six different canapes to be paired with six different cocktails. here is the list.

Daiquiri - Mozzarella Arancini  

'the zinginess of the lime will balance out the richness of the Arancini'

 Vesper - Tomato & Feta Tartlet 

'tomato is a classic pairing with the vodka, while the feta compliments a satisfying saltiness'

Old - fashioned - Oven- smoked Figs Wrapped In Prosciutto 

'smokey, sweet & salty notes. perfect combo.'

Negroni - Manchego Cheese w/ Quince & Orange Jelly 

'the second vegitarian option which pairs tidily the two orange elements.'

Margarita - Prawn & Squash Empanades 

'a take on the classic mexican pasty. Pairs naturally with the Tequila and Lime.'

A few pics...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Thanks for visiting! I co-run the roaming international EatWild Project — a pop-up dinner/underground restaurant. 

Trained as a professional British Chef at Westminster Kingsway I have worked my way up to Michelin level, working in the UK, Canada and Spain.

In addition to running events, I also do private chef work, and consult on pop-up restaurants.  I run EatWild Project because it allows me to cook to my menu and always vary it up. On my days off I forage for fresh and new produce from various farms and the countryside. I like to stay on top of food trends and work on developing recipes.

EatWild Project

We run many different types of food/hospitality projects. From popup dinners to community pot lucks to live online cookery streams. We always blog about where we source our produce from, promoting the hot bed areas of passionate farmers, foragers, fishermen and the foodies who introduce us to their way of life and make our experiences so memorable.  

Connect with me at noahmarkson (at)

Food, Je t'Aimée: Meet the EatWild Explorers!

Food, Je t'Aimée: Meet the EatWild Explorers!: It's been a little quiet around Food, Je t'Aim ée lately, but not for lack of material! There are actually many fun things happenin...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

(UK) Nikki’s Healing Kitchen: Help is at hand

Let’s face it, we all want to strive to do better and get more fulfilment out of our lives. Most of us however don’t put enough time into the way we look at nutritious eating.

I’m from London myself and I know from experience that when you’re working long hours and not getting much time to relax it’s a puzzle on where to start. But don’t worry! Help is at hand, and it is easier than you think.

Meet Nikki, holistic health coach and natural foods chef. She turned around her life when she realised she wanted to feel and look better. After training at the world renowned Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts - a New York natural foods culinary program that not only taught her how to cook, but also how to use food to nourish and heal.

Walking along Broadway Market (East London) to the Holistic Health Centre I was feeling excited to meet some new faces and learn about Nikki’s philosophy. Downstairs we are all personally greeted warmly by Nikki. During the lecture it felt like a social gathering open for anyone to ask about their own food related issues — I loved that about the event.

“My approach is not to dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. It is not to create lists of restrictions or good and bad foods. Instead, I work with my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding”.

Here are some of the scrumptious dishes she has created and recommended to us!:

Dandelion Salad with Warm Hazelnut Vinaigrette

Creamy Pumpkin Soup Topped with Curried Pecans

Ginger Halibut with Shredded Daikon Radish

Grilled Endive with Sage Vinaigrette

Chocolate Covered Pomegranate

This food for energy lecture was perfect for anyone who wanted to understand the fundamentals of wholefoods. I also got some really interesting facts out of it too, for example, did you know that eating an apple when your energy is low can give you the same boost (if not more) than a cup of coffee! Now there’s food for thought.

If you’re interested in more details on how Nikki can help you feel more vitality and energy, visit here

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Though I am in the UK this month, the EatWild Project (Canada)  has one more secret pop-up on the West Coast. 
It will be the last one for EatWild Project before we meet up in Ontario to pop-up a few places and then pop-up down the East Coast of the US.
Deets on upcoming last Vancouver event here:

To get a sense of our journey for the evening you may want to first load up this and have a little listen.
Got the sense of the tone? Well that is how we are going to pop-up!

Join us for an evening of Spanish food, in an environment of experimental music ranging from new to traditional. Visuals accompanying the evening will remind us all of the vibrancy of Spanish culture.

Put on by the EatWild project, this evening is co-hosted by Zosia Hortsing, a Vancouver flamenco dancer. The evening will also pay tribute to the art of flamenco and include information on upcoming performances.

Testimonials on EatWild Project Canada:

"A wonderfully unique event which stimulated the senses through delicious food, soothing sounds and interesting surrounds. Thoroughly enjoyed it! " - Jo, HR Consultant

"What an evening: 1) drinks with interesting people 2) organic in-season scrumptious desserts and 3) a private gig by international artist in someone’s living room…what a combination…magic. I’m so keeping eyes peeled for the next listed on Guestaurant!"
– Jess, Performer

Menu for the evening will consist of:
Tapas upon arrival

Starter: Remolacha asada con especias Marroquíes (Roasted beets with Moroccan Spices and Harissa)

Main: Catalan Chicken a la Sidra con frijoles blancos (Chicken braised in apple cider with wild mushrooms on a bed of white beans with panchetta and chard)

Dessert: Dulce de Boniato (sweet potato and rum cream)

As always EatWild events are BYOB. We will provide the mix for Sangria so we suggest that you bring a bottle of red wine.
(Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja, Zinfandel or Shiraz)

(If you require a vegetarian main course pls email us after you book - at least 5 days. eatwildprojectcanada @

Saturday, 1 October 2011

EatWild Pop-up Restaurant at Alley Pad Studio

On Thursday 6th of October, a very special event is coming to town, one to note down in any foodie's diary. With a very limited number of seats, the Ally Pad Studio (Commercial Drive area, Vancouver) will transform into the form of the EatWild pop-up restaurant.

With live jazz music on the Piano with Gregory Shea, Siobhan Humston our host with her eclectic, artistic flair and the EatWild Chef on the food cooking up a storm with the finest seasonal, organic, locally sourced ingredients we can get our hands on!

Tickets are priced at $40.00 and are non-refundable. Book tickets above through PayPal.
(Address details will be sent out 3 days prior to the event)

Email me at: with queries about the menu, allergies or any other topics regarding the events.

More info on the artists:
Visual artist SIOBHÁN HUMSTON has lived and worked at ALLEY PAD STUDIO, a former clothing factory in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, for over three years. With its sixteen foot ceilings, one-thousand square foot studio space and back lane entrance, it is a loft in the true sense of the word: spacious, unique and raw. As well as her full-time art practice for which she creates work to exhibit internationally, she hosts reading and film nights, open studios, home concerts and now, as an extension of her love of the culinary arts, is excited to be one of the first in Vancouver to pick up on the POP-UP RESTAURANT trend out of London, England.

Gregory Shea has performed professionally both as a band leader and as a solo guest entertainer. Mr. Shea now resides in Vancouver where he performs as a solo lounge pianist in many upscale hotel piano lounges, offering audiences a wide variety of classic jazz standards and ole style New Orleans blues delivered in the tradition of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Dr. John. His soulful tunes add spice to any dish.

"These Are The Best Fish And Chips I've Ever Had"

Willows Galley, 2559 Estevan Ave
Victoria, BC V8R 2S8
Vancouver Island

I'm from the birthplace of fish and chips, England, so coming from an Englishman, traveling around British Columbia, I never thought I would utter the words, “these are the best fish and chips I ever had."

Willows Galley, with their special batter, chips that never go soggy, homemade tartar sauce and the best milkshakes in Oak Bay, my ship has come in!   

By supporting the Ocean Wise conservation program run by the Vancouver Aquarium, the shop are trying to steer clear of endangered species, going for species such as Ling Cod which there are plentiful amounts of. For more information on sustainable seafood go to:

The Willows Galley has been visited by celebrities, the Stanley Cup and it's even rumored in Oak Bay, Victoria that royals have visited the joint. It is so good you won't want to share!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Adesso Bistro

Adesso Bistro is a peaceful, eloquent Italian restaurant in the heart of Vancouver. The menu is of a modern, bistro style with usage of the finest ingredients B.C has to offer.

With prosecco on tap and an extensive list of martinis friends can congregate well into the night in the ivy walled outdoor terrace. Knowledgeable waiters tempt you with the days 'specials' and serve a non-intrusive, friendly experience.

                             Fritto misto di mare Crispy Seafood with Herbs and fresh Lemon


                        Aragosta Poached Lobster, risotto with Lemon and Ricotta, Lobster sauce

Bourrida Ligurian fish stew with Mussels, Clams and Octopus, Tomato and Lobster broth, Focaccia

          Pansotti Fresh Pasta stuffed with Chestnuts, Ricotta and herbs, brown Butter Sage sauce

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sura - Korean Cuisine

I’m a Londoner, so I’m used to great multi-cultural cuisine but not always great service. Vancouver’s somewhere I’ve always dreamed of going to, and I’m here! So over the next few weeks I’m going to write about some Vancouver food experiences that really excite me.
                                              Korean Miso and Tofu soup
Sura is one of Robson Street’s kitty of Asian eateries.  It has no new radical or fusion philosophy, just traditional Korean, tasty grub.
We were overcome with interest by the menu, what to choose? ‘Can you give us a bit more time’, we told the waitress who was tentative and no way intrusive. A Korean couples dishes sitting next to us caught our attention, so we asked to them what they were eating. One was a seafood pancake which they very kindly gave us a taster of; it is a light pancake with squid, shrimp, crab meat and spring onion.
                                                                 Galbi beef

The other dish they were eating was the signature dish of the restaurant, “Galbi”.
We went on to order Galbi- a dish consisting grilled beef short ribs in Sura's house marinade, some of the most succulent beef I’ve ever tasted.
                                                                      Kimchi Pancake       

We also had a traditional bean curd soup with tofu and a Kimchi Pancake. You might be interested to know the Kimchi is pickled 'in house'.
One of the main emphases of Korean cuisine is the Barbecue. The word Barbecue reminds me of those warm summer days back in England, in my Aunties countryside garden, cooking up a BBQ for the whole family.
For that friendly home-style cooking with a chef's edge, that will get your taste buds tingling get down to Sura, it wont disappoint!

- The EatWild Chef